We're Viewyonder

You give us your challenge and we work out an answer together. Then we create content together.

Viewyonder is a one-throat-to-choke content service. Get quality results without engaging an expensive, complicated agency.

We don't do everything. But we definitely know someone that can, in our network.

You might need a branding, design or other agency to plug our content into -- we don't do any of those specialist thing but we dovetail our work into any of them.


Hello! I'm Steve Chambers.

Ask anyone that knows me and they'll tell you, "Steve is passionate about words -- written and spoken. He's enthusiastic about business and customers plus he's a very experienced technologist."

Let me be your customer's voice on the inside of your company. Use my insights to give your company new ears and stories.

Then let's create content that bridges a brilliant conversation between you and your prospects and customers.

My Career so far

Customers, colleagues and friends describe me as an effervescent character with an insatiable appetite for learning and a strong desire to help others.

I have a burning thirst for knowledge, experience and expertise and this is what I use to help you with your content.

I've been fortunate to work and learn from some of the best companies and people on the planet including Bank of Scotland, Loudcloud, VMware and Microsoft and startups.

Startup Leader
Keynote Speaker
Roller-coaster operator